Vanni stared working on his autobiography in 2001. He completed the Italian copy in 2009, and the revised English version in 2011.

He believed that it was important to have the opportunity to explore his personal life, to understand his choice to become an artist, and the practical struggles and satisfations he encontered in his journey. Anyone that was close to Vanni said what a great storyteller he was. We believe that reading his autobiography will give you an insight of his fascinating and complex personality.

In his presentation of the book Vanni writes:
I was born in Italy before the last world war, and I grew up in Rome under the fascist regime. The world opened up to me when I was 17, and after, by chance and by choice, I lived in many different countries, excited by the similarities and clashes of the various cultures. At the same time everything was changing around me at an accelerated rhythm, giving me the feeling to be born in a world and to live in another one. The transformations in thinking, habits, techniques were reflected by a revolution in the arts, mirroring the coexistence of different truths, and among all those doubts and certainties I became a painter.